Earn Free Tees

Are you a lover of t-shirts, all things comfort, and most of all FREE?? Keep reading!

We have officially launched our new virtual "Tee Parties" on Facebook!

What do you need to do?

Tee Parties are super easy and a fun way to earn free tees and other free goodies!

We will take care of creating the group, loading the photos/links, and making shopping a breeze for your friends/family!  All you have to do is invite some of your friends/family to the party and interact on the daily posts!

Our parties are 3 days of fun-filled games and tees!  

Customer Perks:

  • Your guests will receive 15% off their orders if they use your unique party code at checkout - they MUST use this code for you to get credit!  We WILL NOT go back to add their discount!
  • We will have giveaways and interactive games with prizes for your guests throughout the party 

 Hostess Rewards:

  • For being such a great hostess, you will receive 10% of party sales in tee credit!! After the party closes we will provide you a unique coupon code to go shopping in our Tees & Apparel Collection!  Use it or lose it!  The coupon will need to be used in 1 order and has an expiration date of 2 weeks after it is sent to you.
  • If someone books a party off your party, you earn another 1/2 off coupon code to use at their party!

Ready to Earn Free Tees? 

Have More Questions? Send us a message and we'll be glad to chat with you!